🚽 WC cover with very wide fixing centre distance: 19/20/21/22…

We started talking about these sanitary ware and their corpora in the post: “Oversized toilet seat“, where we discovered the very wide wheelbases of Flaminia Valentine old type (28,5/29 cm), Duravit Starck 3 (27 cm), Axa series One (24,5/25 cm) and Italo duo Pozzi Ginori (20 cm).

FULL 56 series by Azzurra Ceramica

It is considered the big sister of the Full 48 and Full 54 series that we discovered in the post dedicated to the ceramic house that you can read HERE.

The toilet from the FULL 56 series is a sanitary fixture of considerable size. Even just looking at the width of the toilet seat (almost 39 cm) we notice its size. Among the features of this sanitary ware is also the very wide wheelbase of its toilet seat: about 20 cm.

This is why we recommend installing its thermoset toilet seat on this toilet bowl, which you can always find in the Sintesibagno online store at the following LINK (Clik HERE).

SPACE STONE series by Ceramica Globo

This series of sanitary ware was part of the larger Globo ceramic project called Open Space (HERE a deepening)

From the ceramic house it was presented in a floor-standing and a suspended version. But even more interesting stylistically in two depths. The larger one was 53/54 cm, while the compact one was only 45 cm. Its toilet seat cover has a centre distance of no less than 19 cm.

You have to be careful when buying the toilet seat, because clearly the one for the 45 version is smaller. The soft-close hinged toilet seat is available for this version and can be found at the following LINK (Clik HERE). Two versions are available for the larger version: one with slow-action hinges (HERE the Link) and the one with standard hinges (HERE the LINK).

SINTHESIS series by Ceramica Simas

A sanitaryware series that met with considerable success a few years ago: SINTHESIS

We travel back in time to the ’80s in the history of the company, to discover a utility toilet that has made the fortune of many public bathrooms and hotel facilities. You may have already heard of bidet-functioning toilet bowls, which seem to be a recent invention. In fact, ceramic manufacturer Simas had already come up with this solution more than thirty years ago with the Syntesis / Synthesis series toilet, which is still in production today. The brilliant idea of the ceramists from Civita Castellana was to extend the length of the toilet bowl, thus creating a space for the hand shower, which could be conveniently pulled out for use.

In order to install a toilet seat cover on such a special toilet bowl, it was necessary to have a toilet seat cover shaped perfectly to leave space for the hand shower and therefore with a very wide centre distance of no less than 21/22 cm, which you can see in the photo opposite and purchase from the Sintesibagno shop at LINK.

We have also seen today some older sanitary ware models and their toilet seats with non-standard centre distances. If you too have a sanitary fitting in your bathroom of this category and you do not remember the model, we would like to point out that the Sintesibagno team can help you find the correct toilet seat easily, quickly and safely. How? Through the recognition service we have created to take the hassle out of choosing. Simply send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a message WhatsApp at the number 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover: