Ceramica VAVID and the conquest of the sanitaryware market in the 1970s and 1980s. Special toilet seats 🚽 for sanitary ware that are no longer in production.

Caramica VAVID and the conquest of the sanitaryware market in the 1970s and 1980s. Special toilet seats for sanitary ware that are no longer in production.

Today we are talking about a company (VAVID) that in the past has marked the world of sanitary ceramics with its revolutionary shapes. We have seen some sanitary ware and their toilet seats with very particular shapes and in some cases large dimensions in previous posts: “Older sanitaryware models no longer in production. Where can I find the toilet seat? (part 1)” where we saw one of the largest toilet bowls and toilet seat ever made called AMERICA and one of the most successful rectangular shapes in the bathroom world with the series EMILIA. In the post: “Large sanitaryware (old models) and their unobtainable toilet seats”, we have seen NORDICA which with its large rectangular dimensions (50/51) sought to compete with the ITALICA by Pozzi Ginori.

MEDITERRANEA series by Ceramica Vavid

This Vavid sanitaryware has opened up a new formal path, later copied by many other sanitaryware companies. Its rectangular shape is enhanced by a detail that is not only aesthetic but also very practical. The designers of the ceramics company in fact inserted a riser in the rear part of the toilet with the precise intention of preventing the natural “dirt” that is clearly present in bathrooms from getting behind and helping to keep the bathroom floor clean and tidy. When it was introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a great success with the public. It was produced not only in white, but also in champagne and grey. You can find the Mediterranea toilet seat covers in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here ]

ORIENTALE series by Ceramica Vavid

Mediterranea was the mass-market series (in a previous post we saw its future competitors coming in the 1980s): “Sanitaryware from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Find your toilet seat.” (TESISINTESI e CLODIA), Orientale represented the company’s lux line. A large and important sanitary ware, but also made like its smaller relative with the ingenious and very practical rear elevation. It was also produced in the colours WHITE, CHAMPAGNE and GREY. You can find all the toilet seats in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

IO series by Vavid Ceramiche

This is a typical case of a sanitary ware with a standard shape, but with a toilet seat that we can call small (39,5 cm length from the hinges), typical of other series that we have seen in the post: ”Which small toilet seat has sold the most?”. In addition to its size, it was also distinctive in shape and you have to give it credit for its stylistic beauty. The slightly wider rear part was narrower at the front, giving it a very tapered shape. You can find his special toilet seat in the shop at the following link [ clik here ]

BAHIA 1 series by Vavid Ceramiche

We believe that this ceramic shape was the starting point for the successful EMILIA project, also by this company.
Slightly smaller and with the two sides less regular (in fact, the sides are narrower towards the front, thus reducing the side facing the user), but still with an unmistakable VAVID shape and design.
Version two of this series followed, but in terms of shape it was completely revolutionised and brought into the shape of an oval. You can find the Bahia 1 WC seat at the following link [ clik here ], is the Bahia 2 toilet seat at the following link [ clik here ]are always available in the Sintesibagno shop.

At this point we can say that we have seen almost the entire catalogue of VAVID ceramic sanitary ware and their toilet seats. However, if you still have doubts about which toilet seat to look for in your bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to proceed in the search for a toilet seat: