Ceramica Globo. Ceramics of quality and style. A success story. Finding toilet seat 🚽 for the old series. (part 2)

Ceramica Globo. Ceramics of quality and style. A success story. Finding toilet seat for the old series. (part 2)

We are still in the area of the Civita Castellana ceramic district. Ceramica Globo on its website (Ceramicaglobo.com) explains himself as follows: “Since 1980, a history of successes, centred on the valorisation of human resources and on a balanced relationship with the environment, has led Ceramica Globo to conquer a position of absolute prominence in the panorama of companies in the sanitary ware and bathroom furnishing sector. Always committed to interpreting tastes and new trends, Ceramica Globo looks to the future with continuous process and product innovations that require the integration of the most diverse skills, from design to engineering, from the chemistry of materials to logistics, from marketing to sociology. The contribution of ideas, creativity and professional skills of the team of people involved in these processes makes it possible to produce products of undisputed quality, reliable, technologically advanced and with high stylistic content.” As one of the leaders in the sanitary ware market, it has also marked and told the story of style in the bathroom with its ceramic series. We have seen many of them in previous posts. In the post: ”The CONCA WC and toilet seat and its ‘brothers’” we have discovered that CLIO was a worthy competitor to the better-known CONCA by Ideal Standard. In the post: “Which small WC (toilet seat) has been sold the most?” we saw the compact series and its toilet seat cover BONSAI and clearly its competitors: Series 500 (cinquecento), Sanitarywares You&Me and Series Zero Light (Zerolight). In the post: “Large sanitaryware (old models) and their unobtainable toilet covers” where we saw the very large sanitary ware that needs very long toilet seats, we discovered how AMICA has carved out market share in this very competitive sector dominated by the leaders: Italica by Pozzi Ginori. Gran sasso Hatria, Nordica Vavid, Synua Axa and Lago Ceramica Dolomite. We come to the early 2000s and the birth of design in the bathroom world. All the companies in the sector equipped themselves with real stylists and designers and created bathroom ranges that completely overturned previous standards. Flaminia launches the WORK IN PROGRESS, Catalano PROJECT ZERO, Ceramica Globo, not to be outdone and playing on a level playing field, launches the system OPEN SPACE. A sensational success of Made in Italy design that beats all competition!

LEI series Ceramica Globo

This is the company’s ’80s/’90s series. A period of great ferment in the housing and bathroom furniture market. A period of great production numbers as we have seen in the post: ”Sanitaryware from the ’80s and ’90s. Finding the toilet seat cover.” Lei is a sanitary series very much influenced by the period but, in our opinion, very distinctive and with a shape that immediately stands out. The rear rise characterises the line. The width is already non-standard as it reaches 38 cm. It competed in the bathroom market with: Series TESI Ideal Standard, Series SINTESI Cesame, Series CLODIA Dolomite, Series LUCE Ceramica Catalano and Series FANTASIA Pozzi Ginori. In the store you will find at the following link [ clik here ] several models of toilet seat covers for the Lei WC, even the old original in thermoset with wrap-around lid.

MISURA series Ceramica Globo

It is one of the company’s basic series. Very good value for money, which allowed it a good spread. Seen from above it is strikingly reminiscent of a series from rival ceramic manufacturer Catalano: SFERA. Who knows which one inspired the other? The toilet seat cover for the Misura series can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ apri LINK ]

RONDA series Ceramica Globo

It’s the “little sister” of AMICA, series of sanitary ware also by Globo ceramics that we saw in the post: ”Large sanitaryware (old models) and their unobtainable toilet covers” where we have evaluated, in addition to the non-standard length, also the width of a good 39 cm of this toilet. Ronda is less wide but we can still consider it a large toilet seat because it is an impressive 49 cm long. A stylistic detail that draws the toilet in a unique and unmistakable way are the two fins at the back. Its toilet seat can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here ]

OLIVIA series Ceramica Globo

Let us step back in time to the first decade of the 2000s to see a series that made its mark stylistically: Olivia. A beautiful oval shape at the top of the vase rests on a proportionally perfect slender forward body. Reminiscent of Popeye’s cartoon wife, hence the name. Astonishing! Isn’t it?. The original toilet seat, which you can find in the store at the following link, must be strictly fitted to this sanitary fitting [ clik here ]

PRIMA series Ceramica Globo

Presented in floor-standing and suspended versions, Prima also describes Globo’s corporate style very well. A spherical shape in the upper part embedded in a body with soft, rounded shapes. The floor-standing version was among the “first” series of flush-to-wall sanitary ware (here the LINK where we talk about these sanitary ware). All available variants for this sanitary ware from Globo can be found at the following link [ clik here ]

GLORIA series Ceramica Globo

One of not so many, for the company, rectangular-shaped series produced by Globo. We are in the ’80s. Peculiar is the change of depth in the lower part of the body of the WC and the very backward anchorage of the toilet cover in the back plane of the WC. This involves extending the toilet seat backwards so that no part of the ceramic is left uncovered which otherwise would be. If you look at the original Gloria toilet seat at the following link [ clik here ] you will see this necessary feature.

Today we have discovered more GLOBO ceramic series. Perhaps you have found your toilet bowl and are able to buy the right and precise toilet seat without making a mistake. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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