Pozzi Ginori sanitaryware: the series of the modern age and their WC seats 🚽( part 2 )

Pozzi Ginori sanitaryware: the series of the modern age and their WC seats ( part 2 )

We have seen Pozzi Ginori sanitaryware in several previous posts. Let’s remember a couple of them that are relevant to the topic we’re going to discuss. In this one: “And then comes “Montebianco”Classic/Antuque sanitarywares and their toilet seats” where we saw Pozzi Ginori‘s Montebianco sanitary ware when they were important for the retro antique style in bathroom furniture and in this: “ Pozzi Ginori Sanitarywares: the series of the modern age and their toilet seats (1st part)” which was the first part of the story about Pozzi Ginori starting in the 2000s, the launch of the POZZI GINORI COLLECTION catalogue and the series it contains: Q3JOIN500EASY.02 [ clik here ]. Today we will be looking at the latest sanitaryware series presented, including the very latest: Acanto.

Sanitaryware Fantasia 2 by Pozzi Ginori

After the success of the first Fantasia version in the ’80s and ’90s, which was a perfect oval (its toilet seat cover is still available), the Fantasia is now available in a new version. [ clik here ], The new Fantasia 2 undoubtedly takes the direction of rectangular shapes. We can say that it is the little sister of the Metrica series, which we will see shortly. The sanitary ware was presented in the floor-standing and wall-hung versions. You can find the original toilet seat and its dedicated variants in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

Metrica sereis by Pozzi Ginori

In a previous post [ clik here ] we have elected it the rectangular sanitaryware series that can best represent its category today: Metrica, rectangular above in the top, rectangular in the base, with a depth and angle change of precise proportions. Here are the links to the Pozzi Ginori section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Metrica model! [ clik here ]

Citterio series by Pozzi Ginori

It is Pozzi Ginori‘s most luxurious series in recent years. From its name we discover the hand that designed it: Citterio. In our opinion a minimum of inspiration may have come from the previous Egg project, but then a unique and unmistakable shape developed. More important dimensions, a raised rear surface and spherical shapes which, with small differences in the angles, even manage to make the rectangle look familiar. Magic from the well-known designer! Only the original toilet seat can be fitted here, which is available in the store under the following link [ clik here]

Acanto seres by Pozzi Ginori

Here is the latest series presented by Pozzi Ginori (Geberit Group) at today 2018, it is called Acanto. A great design, made of a remarkable choice of washbasins in various sizes and depths, but above all (at least for the floor-standing series) a design in the body of the toilet and bidet, very innovative. In practice, during the descent from the upper part of the sanitary ware towards the floor at a certain point the regularity is interrupted by a change of depth which lightens the shape. The original toilet seat is already available in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

We’ve seen other Pozzi Ginori toilet seat series. If you’re looking for a toilet seat cover for Pozzi Ginori toilets, even old models and particulars of series dating back to the ’60s ’70s ’80s, and you don’t know the model, you can leave the search to us for finding the right toilet seat. Watch the following video to see how easy it is to find the toilet seat you need:


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