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Small size 🚽 toilet seat cover for “small” sanitary ware

This type of sanitary ware was born as a logical consequence of the downsizing of the bathroom environment that happened in the 80s and 90s. Today, however, they have a good market, in renovations and in any case in houses where there is a second or even third bathroom. Their overall dimensions are all below or at most 50 cm in depth (even as we will see you get up to 45 cm) and consequently the toilet seats have measures most of the time under 40 cm. (even 39, 38, 37, 36 cm)

SMALL sanitaryware by Ideal Standard

Let’s start, as usual, from the series of sanitary ware that started this stylistic and especially dimensional trend. We are talking about the Small series by Ideal Standard. Presented in the 90s was a small revolution. Thanks to its sanitary ware and washbasins, it allowed to create a small bathroom in a very small space. The success of the series led Ideal Standard to make another edition that kept the measures of the previous one but the forms were slightly more tapered, called the series Small +, where he also introduced suspended sanitary ware. Of both the toilets in the store is available the replacement toilet seat. For the Small series first version you can find it at the following link [ open LINK ], for the Small+ version at the following link [ open LINK ]

Sanitaryware Bonsai ceramic Globo

The success of Ideal Standard’s Small series opened the way to a new dimensional trend. All companies in the sector wanted to enter and make their proposals. A series that certainly did not go unobserved is the Bonsai series by Globo. In our opinion, from a stylistic point of view, of all those presented by ceramic manufacturers, it is the one that best represents the idea of small. Tapered, light and at the same time soft. The series was presented with floor-standing sanitary ware [ apri LINK ] to its toilet cover, both in the suspended version [ apri LINK ] to its toilet cover.

Eos Compact Sanitaryware

Among the small series we must absolutely mention the Eos Compact. It was absolutely the first to offer a perfect round (circle) in the upper part of the toilet. It was the inspiration for many series of sanitary ware that came after. You can find its toilet cover at the link [ open LINK ].

Hatria You&Me sanitaryware

An ingenious series by Hatria designed by Francesco Lucchese: You&Me. Here the upper part is perhaps inspired by the perfect circle of the Eos Compact series, but it is the body of the sanitaryware that is revolutionary, very square shapes that are perfectly tied to the spherical curves. You can find the toilet seat covers for this series at the following links: the version in white coated wood (the one in the pictures) [ open LINK ], the thermoset version with wrap-around cover and slow motion hinges at the following link [ open LINK ].

Series Stone 45 ceramic Globo

If you were wondering how far you could go in shrinking sanitary ware, the answer is in this Globo ceramic series: Stone 45. I believe this is the smallest size you can arrive at while maintaining a seat for the “usable” user. Ceramica Globo proposed this series in both floor and suspended variant. The toilet seat cover is the same for both variants and you can find it at the link [ open LINK ].

If you also have in your home one of these small sanitary ware or it is none of those just seen, but still it is definitely small and the traditional and universal toilet seat covers do not fit, and you do not know which one to order and buy, we suggest you use our convenient service for toilet seat cover model recognition! We suggest you to send us an email to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to +393341288978 with two pictures of your toilet and a few measures and we will be able to help you in the choice. Here the video on how to proceed in the search for the toilet seat:


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