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The bestselling sanitary ware from every ceramic house. Use the Sintesibagno catalogue to find the toilet seat 🚽 for these models (part 1)

The bestselling sanitary ware from every ceramic house. Use the Sintesibagno catalogue to find the toilet seat for these models (part 1)

In this post we will look at what have been the best-selling series for the major ceramic companies. For some companies we will even show you a series from the past and a series from the present that perhaps relaunched the company and its brand.

Ideal Standard Conca series

Perhaps the most legendary series in the entire bathroom furnishing world: CONCA. Able to launch a unique and unmistakable style, inspiring shapes later taken up by almost all its competitors. Able to remain in the company’s catalogue for forty years (the average life of a ceramic series before going out of catalogue or production is about 20 years!). In addition to the many features that we will shortly see, we would also like to mention the colour discourse. If, as we saw in the post: “The colours of sanitary ware and toilet seats: green, pink, blue, brown… (part 2)” have depopulated in the 80s and 90s colours such as: MIRTILLO, FONDALE BLUE, CASTORO, and the various AZZURRO, ROSA, GREEN and KASHMIR shades, the credit for this ceramic series by Ideal Standard. But let us come to the description of the shape of this toilet bowl and its cover. We have seen in several previous posts some of these special features: “Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitary fittings old models (part 1)”, “Rectangular toilet seats. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?“, “White as white can be! So why is white different in Ideal Standard sanitary ware?”, “Sanitary ware with raised top. WC covers with 45° fixing hinges (part 1)”, “Why are sloping bumpers needed on some toilet seat covers? (part 2)” We would like to focus on the rear inclined plane, one of the main features of this toilet seat. If you look carefully at the picture opposite, you can see that the holes where the toilet seat is to be fixed are not on flat parts of the sanitary ware, but on the curve of the riser. This is why the hinges (the metal parts) must have an inclination that allows them to be positioned correctly, precisely at 45°. If you watch the videos in our channel on these toilet seats [ clik here ] you will see very well what the inclined hinge looks like. Another feature of the WC that makes the Conca toilet seat need special attention is the slight inclination of the toilet seat top. There are toilets with a step in the top – we talked about this in the post [ clik here ] – and there are also those which, despite having a smooth top, which is the case, have a slight inclination and the normal bumpers slide to the right or left. In this situation the rubbers are not shaped but inclined in such a way as to give the toilet seat the greatest stability and strength. Our toilet seat covers LIKE THE ORIGINAL are precisely equipped with this type of bumper! Of course, in the Sintesibagno store you will find all Conca WC seats in all colours, in all materials (including the thermosetting wraparounds) and in all price ranges… at the following link [ clik here ]

Ceramica Flaminia LINK series

The turning point for the Civita Castellana-based company’s design and also for the bathroom furniture market. In fact, thanks to these sanitary ware products, the entire sector was stimulated to a formal turning point. No longer just comfortable shapes and enamel quality, but also the quest for beauty. LINK is part of the wider programme called by Flaminia: WORK IN PROGRESS, which included not only washbasins (Aquagrande) but also other fantastic sanitary ware SPIN and TERRA. Thanks to these ceramic sanitary ware products, Flaminia found itself riding high on a success, which soon also became international. Today its brand is one of the best known in the industry. They are still among the most beautiful wall-hung sanitary ware in the entire bathroom world. The incredibly low body height of only 20 cm (excluding the siphon) really gives the idea of a body suspended above the void. Minimal, chic, very modern even now more than twenty years after their presentation. The WC covers for these sanitary ware are available in all its variants (original wrap-around, original wrap-around soft-close, in polyester-coated wood and the various dedicated versions) at the following link [ clik here ]

Ceramica Pozzi Ginori EASY series

In the early 2000s, the magic pencil of ANTONIO CITTERIO designs for Pozzi Ginori: EASY.02. In just a few months the company found itself after a few years of tarnishing (we recommend the post at LINK on the history of Pozzi Ginori) at the top of sales in the sector. A very modern (it was available in both wall-hung and floor-standing versions flush with the wall) and unique bathroom range. Round and enveloping shapes. Unique in its slight slope at the back of the toilet bowl that slendered its figure. It was such a precise design, studied down to the smallest detail, that a rounded toilet seat was also designed to look like a continuation of the ceramic element.” All toilet seat covers for this series are available in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here ], also included, however, is a wooden version covered in white polyester for those looking for a seat that is perhaps less attractive than the round plastic original, but more practical as it is completely flat.

Hatria Ceramica YOU&ME series

For Hatria Ceramiche, it was difficult to decide which of its recent ceramic series was the best seller. We decided to focus on the small and eclectic YOU&ME. A minimal design marked by precise geometric shapes inserted in dimensions, according to the bathroom furnishing dimensional standard, compact. To succeed as a top player in the small sanitary ware sector (we talked about this in the post: “Sintesibagno® selects from its toilet seat catalogue the ten SMALL SANITARIES that have made history in this category.” where we saw what ‘monsters’ it had to compete against on the market: Space Stone 45Small500CompactF-conceptZerolight and Bonsai), which HATRIA has succeeded so well in creating an ingenious series. The upper part of the sanitary ware is a perfect circle, but it is the lower body of the sanitary ware that is revolutionary, its squared-off shapes are perfectly combined with spherical shapes! It is certainly one of the series that has enabled Hatria to make a name for itself as a design queen. And here is the link to find its two toilet seats, the version in white polyester-coated wood and the thermoset version with slow-moving hinges [ clik here ]

Ceramica Globo OPEN SPACE project

Ceramica Globo over the years it has been able to produce many ceramic series that have become best sellers, to name a few we can think of: LEICLIORONDA. With this project, Ceramica Globo entered the new millennium and became one of the companies that from then on could be said to produce designer and modern sanitary ware and conquer the market. This great project comprised four series of sanitary ware that we will shortly see and were called: SPACE BOWLSPACE FREESPACE STONE and SPACE CONCEPT. Clicking on the name of the four series will take you directly to the store where you can find the toilet seat covers for these sanitary ware.

Today we started to look at the series of sanitary ware and their toilet seat covers that we believe have been bestsellers in the bathroom industry. Perhaps you have recognised the manufacturer of your toilet and are able to buy the right and accurate toilet seat cover for your toilet without making a mistake. If, however, you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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