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Old, out-of-production (Made in Italy) rectangular shaped sanitaryware and their covers are hard to find. No problem! The Sintesibagno team will help you.

In this post we would like to show you some of the rectangular and square sanitary ware series that have made their way through the history of bathroom design. They are all series of sanitary ware that are clearly now out of production, but each in its own way has influenced what came after.

Ciottolo Series Ceramica Flaminia

These sanitary ware produced by ceramica Flaminia in the 80s (here we can also see the picture of the original advertising brochure) were among the first to highlight the rectangular shape both in the upper part of the sanitary ware and in the lower part (called foot), they were called Ciottolo. Recently ceramica Flaminia launched a series of sanitary ware called Sprint that we can easily call the successor of this series. In the Sintesibagno store you can find both the toilet seat for the Ciottolo series [ click HERE ] and for the original Sprint series in thermosetting [ click HERE ].

Catalano ceramic Fiesta series

We show it to you immediately after Flaminia’s because this series by Catalano called FIESTA also follows the rectangular trends of that period. The precise geometric shapes of the previous series are deliberately abandoned here in favour of very light curves. You can find its dedicated toilet seat at the following link [ open LINK ].

HIDRA Series Hidra Ceramics

In the rectangular stylistic vein of the two previously seen series is also this toilet produced by Hidra ceramiche: series HIDRA (curiously enough, the name of the series is the same as the name of the ceramic company). It differs from the others mainly for the workmanship of the top. To be noted the decorations on the side of the sanitary ware that for a long period were proposed by some companies of Civita Castellana. You can find the cover for this toilet bowl at the following link [ open LINK ].

IGEA Series Ceramics Catalano

We have often seen how certain series of sanitary ware produced by different companies somehow resemble each other in terms of shape. This is an atypical case, which we don’t want to explain because it is a very interesting shape, in which the shape of the toilet bowl is not found in any other series produced by other ceramic manufacturers. For the period in which it was produced, the shape is truly futuristic: trapezoidal. You can find its toilet seat in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ].

ADDA Facis GSI series

We close this post with an old Facis (now GSI) series with a rectangular shape, now also out of production, called ADDA. Today, even among insiders, it is often mistaken for the Conca series, but if you look closely you can see that although it also has a raised rear surface, the toilet seat is fixed on the low flat part. So it doesn’t need an inclined hinge. You can find the Adda toilet seats both in the white and champagne colours at the following link [ open LINK ].

We have seen in this article other series of rectangular sanitary ware now out of production, some more recent ones we discovered in the previous post (Here the LINK). Among these it could happen that there is not the one you are looking for. Or maybe you are not sure of the correct model. Then use the system to find the toilet seat proposed by Sintesibagno and explained at the following link:


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