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Sanitary ware for the disabled, the elderly and the community. All ceramic manufacturers have a series designed for this category. Let’s look at toilet seats.

Sanitary ware for the disabled, the elderly and the community. All ceramic manufacturers have a series designed for this category. Let’s look at toilet seats.

Today we are going to discover a very important category of sanitary ware. Never before has it been so right to speak of ‘user friendly’ products. Toilets and bidets designed to help people use them in a practical and comfortable way and with as little effort as possible. As we saw in the post: “Ponte Giulio: the sanitary ware company for the disabled, the elderly, children and communities. Large and small toilet seats.” where we discovered its series: ROSSARIDUAL and BIRDO, there are companies whose mission includes the exclusive production of these sanitary wares for the disabled, the elderly or community bathrooms. Many other ceramic companies, however, have developed series that serve these categories. Today we will begin to discover some of them.

MAIA series by Senesi and Dolomite

A historical company in the industry such as Dolomite could only be among the first to propose a sanitary ware suitable for disabled or elderly people. A very wide toilet, at 39 cm wide it is among the widest in its category, 10 cm higher than standard toilets, and its front opening makes it perfectly suited to “comfort and convenience” in use. We often find it in public facility bathrooms. We believe that the shape was first presented by Ceramica Senesi, which then joined the Dolomite group and took over the mould and continued production. A very peculiar thing in case you want to buy the replacement toilet seat is that depending on the production batch (whether Dolomite or Senesi), even though they are the same toilet bowl from a formal point of view, the centre distance of the toilet seat changes: in the case of MAIA Dolomite it will be 11.5/12 cm, while in the case of MAIA Senesi ceramics it will be 16/16.5 cm. At the following LINK you will find toilet seats: MAIA.

DE LUX series (bowl/bidet) Sanitosco

The UTILITY sanitary ware category includes this toilet produced by Sanitosco. A bidet function has been inserted (inside the brim) into the function of the toilet, a practical and easy-to-use water supply for those who have already sat on the toilet and find it difficult to move due to health problems or some ailments due to age. As well as for the reasons just described, the toilet has also found considerable success in situations of physical space problems related to the small size of some bathrooms. In fact, in situations where it is not possible to fit both sanitary ware (toilet and bidet), this sanitary ware with the combined function is often used so as not to give up the comfort of the bidet anyway. We have already seen how another company (SIMAS) had proposed the toilet with bidet function in the post: “Odd-shaped toilet seats with special sizes” called Synthesis / Synthesis. The ingenious idea of the ceramists from Civita Castellana was to extend the length of the toilet bowl to create a space to accommodate the practical hand shower, which could be removed from its seat and conveniently used if necessary. DE LUXE takes the next step and integrates the water supply directly into the ceramic. The toilet seat cover for this sanitary ware can be found in the Sintesibagno online catalogue at the following link [ clik here ]

Disabled sanitary ware branded STORM

The Storm line is a family of products, both plumbing and sanitary ware, that the Idrotrade company (a well-known wholesale purchasing group of plumbing and sanitary ware distributors based in the province of Bergamo) has exclusively manufactured by many companies in the sector. Among the many offerings in their catalogue there is also more than one proposal of sanitary ware for the disabled/elderly, which have been very popular on the market. A 50 cm high toilet bowl with a very classic and simple oval top shape with a very attractive price/quality ratio can be found in many bathrooms of public establishments and private homes. You can find the toilet seat cover for this sanitary ware and other Storm brand models at the following link [ clik here ]

Today we have started to discover some sanitary wares that are suitable for disabled people, the elderly and communities due to their features. Perhaps you have recognised your toilet bowl and are able to purchase the right and precise toilet seat without making a mistake. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary ware and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover: