Teuco: the company that revolutionised the concept of wellness in the bathroom. Did you know that it also produced sanitary ware lines? Are toilet seat still available?

Teuco: the company that revolutionised the concept of wellness in the bathroom. Did you know that it also produced sanitary ware lines? Are toilet seat still available?

Teuco was a world-renowned brand, if you thought of whirlpool baths and showers you immediately came to mind. An all-Italian company that surpassed even the world leader Jacuzzi. But where did this entrepreneurial adventure start from? It started many years ago (1912) and is linked to a family name that has always successfully produced objects for the home, not only related to the bathroom world: the Guzzini.

From one of their old catalogues, we take a few passages to recount the company and its development: “It was in the early 900’s and in the Marche region, the Guzzinis, a family with a strong entrepreneurial talent, opened their first workshop. Here they produced objects in ox horn, an ancient and valuable but expensive and inflexible material. Creativity begins to have more space only when they start using different materials such as “imitation horn” and “hard rubber” that arrive from America. Then came the processing of acrylics, a real innovation for that time. (Year 1959) the Guzzini family founded the light/lighting branch with the brand theGUZZINIS where, as we see from their website: “Since 1959 we have been dedicated to the study, design and production of intelligent lighting systems for interiors and exteriors. From a small Recanati-based company to a leading international group in the field of architectural lighting, we have brought light to places of culture, work, cities and infrastructure. In step with the great national and international historical and socio-cultural changes, through our technological and design skills, for the well-being of people.”

(Year 1972) Founded in 1972 by Virgilio Guzzini, Teuco immediately distinguished itself for its tendency to innovate. An attitude that, over time, gave rise to new materials and patents that enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of all products. This is how the first silent whirlpool baths, the Turkish bath in a cabin, the collections that can be customised to the centimetre, the furnishing system and much more were born. Values and intuitions that make Teuco a market leader. Teuco Guzzini has long been one of the most solid international players in the bathroom sector. A company that has been able to enrich this space with ever new sensations, thanks to the perfect harmony between wellness, technology and design. The headquarters and production facilities are near Recanati, in central Italy: this is where Teuco creates quality that is entirely “made in Italy”. Inexhaustible creativity, a propensity for novelty, attention to design, respect for ergonomics and a cult of materials: this is where Teuco comes from. A brand that has continued to anticipate techniques and styles, a history of innovation studded with numerous international awards. Teuco’s numerous patents made whirlpool history and, in just a few years, the brand became one of the world leaders in wellness. Collaboration with great designers of the calibre of Iosa Ghini, Carlo Colombo, Luca Sacchetti, Giovanna Talocci and J.M. Wilmotte, enabled it to offer the market not only quality objects, but also objects with a beautiful appearance and always a stylistic step ahead of competing companies. This was the objective that Teuco shared with the great designers who signed individual products and entire collections dedicated to the bathroom environment. All projects in which the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality created unprecedented sensations. This challenging and stimulating work has received important international recognition over the years. Adi Design Index 2011 for the Paper bathtub, Design Award 2011 for the Hydroline innovation, Red Dot Award 2012 for the Outline bathtub are only the most recent. In the early 2000s, TEUCO also decided to launch a line of sanitary ware and did so by offering ceramic series with a distinctive style and design. Let’s look at them together and find their highly sought-after toilet seats today.

WILMOTTE series Teuco Guzzini

We told you in advance that the company is all about style and aesthetic purity. To enter a crowded market full of competitors with decades-old traditions, it was necessary to focus on distinctiveness, and with this first series called Wilmotte, it has certainly distinguished itself with something new and never seen before. It takes its name from the franch designer who designed it for the company. Clearly proposed in the suspended and floor-standing versions flush with the wall as the latest market trends of the period demanded (see post on the subject HERE) this sanitary ware series has a truly surprising formal purity. The foot of the sanitary ware (the low body) is characterised by a very prominent parallelepiped supporting a D-shape in the outer part which is also recalled in the inner shape where the basin is located. A perfect toilet seat cover must be fitted to such distinctive WCs. In the Sintesibagno online store you will find the Teuco Willmotte toilet seat in the version with standard hinges at the following link [ clik here ] and in the version with slow motion / soft close hinges at the following link [ clik here ]

OUTLINE series Teuco Guzzini

With Wilmotte, the stylistic hallmark was the corners that delimited an important body. With Outline, Teuco’s designers seek the curves and softness of the round. They manage to customise a very common form on the market that we have seen for example in the post: “Toilets and bidets with an elongated oval shape. From the simple to the special shape. Finding the toilet seat“. The special feature of Outline, which is highly visible in the wall-hung version, is the clear interruption in the lower part of the sanitary ware of the curved line with a straight line parallel to the floor towards the wall. An original and precise toilet seat cover must also be fitted to this model in order not to lose the toilet’s stylistic perfection. You can find it in the Sintesibagno online store at the following link [ clik here ]

Today we started by looking at Teuco’s ceramic production and toilet seat covers for its sanitary ware. It could be that you have not found your sanitary ware and therefore do not know which toilet seat cover to order. No problem, just send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary ware and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover: