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Strange and unusual sanitaryware shapes? Search the Sintesibagno catalogue to find your toilet seat 🚽(part2)

Strange and unusual sanitaryware shapes? Search the Sintesibagno catalogue to find your toilet seat (part2)

In the long history of Made in Italy bathroom furniture, we have seen in several posts how many styles and shapes of sanitary ware and their covers ceramic companies have presented. To name a few: we discovered the English and retro style in the post: ”Retro Classical English Style Sanitaryware and their covers (part 1)” where we saw the shapes of the toilet seats at 8 shape such as ANTALIA Dolomite, toilet seats in the shape of a violin of RETRO’ by Kerasan, the toilet seats with a double curve of ELLADE by Hidra. Or a rounded shape like the series of Pozzi Ginori MONTEBIANCO: ”And then comes ‘Montebianco’ Classic/antique sanitary fittings and their toilet seats (part 2)” and the series inspired by it: ALBANO Vitruvit, LUTEZIA Senesi, PALLADIO Sbordoni and LONDRA Simas. As far as forms are concerned, we mention: “Sanitary rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?” we saw: CONCA by Ideal Standard, VELARA by Ideal Standard, CLIO by Ceramica Globo, EBLA by Ceramica Dolomite, TERRA by Ceramica Flaminia, SPACE STONE by Ceramica Globo, FROZEN by Ceramica Simas, VERSO by Ceramica Catalano, OUTLINE by Ceramica Althea and the more recent series ofPozzi Ginori (Geberit) METRICA. And we could mention many others that we suggest you look for in the Sintesibagno blog. Instead, today we will continue to look for strange and peculiar sanitaryware shapes that surprise and do not fit into any of the categories we have already seen. We started to see them in the post: ”Sanitary ware and their oddly shaped toilet covers (part 1)” where we saw: Series DIAGONAL Ideal Standard, series SA02 Galassia and series T-UNO (T1) Pozzi Ginori.

Sanitaryware Cidneo CARENA series

Carena is perhaps the most revolutionary toilet system ever produced. We are in the 80s, perhaps the most creative period of design, not only in the bathroom furnishing sector, Ics Cidneo surprises everyone with a toilet where, for the first time, the anchorage plane of the toilet cover is lower than the positioning of the toilet! In practice, in the rear part of the toilet, two lateral lowers have been created, leaving a very aesthetically distinctive box in the central part.

This led the company’s designers to have a unique temo-hardener toilet seat cover (one of the first at the time to use this material) made, you can see it in the photo opposite. The original Carena toilet seat is the only one where the anchoring system to the toilet bowl is in a horizontal position. By means of a patented interlocking spring system, two pins enter the ceramic toilet bowl and stably fix the toilet seat to the square body. So innovation and above all an incredible stylistic overview. Needless to say, this toilet seat can only be fitted with the original toilet seat, which you can find in the Sintesibagno store (white and in champagne colour) at the following link [ clik here ]

Sanitaryware Pozzi Ginori ULTRA series

We are in the 60s here! Pozzi Ginori shortly before launching the sanitary production of successes such as ITALICAITALO DUO and PIEMONTESINA that we saw in the post: ”Pozzi Ginori sanitaryware old square models. Square, Italica and Italo duo which toilet seat cover is correct?” presented Ultra. A very large vase for the market trends of those years (its toilet cover is almost 50 cm long, see the post: ”BIG sanitaryware, large WCs and bidets modern lines and their covers (part 1)”) but his characteristic was another, actually two. 

Sanitari Pozzi Ginori serie ULTRA

The first that jumps out at you when you look at it is definitely the user surface which is inclined forwards (a choice related to user comfort), the second related to the double inclination (in addition to forwards, also towards the centre) and here it was a choice in our opinion hygienic. This led to the toilet seat needing a very narrow centre distance (only 8 cm) because that was the only flat part of the toilet to anchor it. On toilet seats with a particular centre distance we wrote the post: “What is the wheelbase in toilet seats? (part 1)”. The Ultra sanitaryware and its toilet seat cover were produced in Pozzi Ginori’s official colours of the time: white, champagne, mink, whisky and heraldic blue. All toilet seat covers in the various colours can be found in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

Sanitaryware Dolomite ZAGARA series

What about Zagara? It doesn’t even look like a sanitary ware! Together with Carena, which we have just seen, the symbol of creative Made in Italy design of the period. The Dolomite designers were really brave and clever. The unmistakable and unique upper part is marked by three straight sides and a rounded front with a small notch at the beginning of the curve. The body part of the sanitary ware is sharp-edged with clear 90° angles, but the genius of the Dolomite designers was the slight inclination in the direction of the person who will use the sanitary ware, which not only slims down the figure of the object, but also makes it easy and comfortable to use.

As always, a strange and unusual sanitary fitting is matched by a cleverly designed toilet seat cover. In this case, a rear cover bar has been added to embellish the figure of the toilet (which is why the toilet seat is called a 3-piece). Here we also want to emphasise something that can help customers choose the correct toilet seat. As we saw in the post: ”Monobloc WCs (DUO) with ceramic cistern. What are they and are the toilet seat covers the same as those for normal WCs?” Here we are in the presence of precisely one of the cases where the toilet seat cover for a normal WC is different from the one with a ceramic cistern (one-piece/duo). In fact, the three-piece Zagara WC seat cannot be fitted to the cistern toilet seat, but must be fitted with the two-piece seat. All Zagara toilet seat variants can be found in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

Today, we have started to look at other sanitary ware ranges and their toilet seat covers that have strange and unusual shapes. Perhaps you have recognised the manufacturer of your toilet and are able to buy the right and precise toilet seat without making a mistake. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest that you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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