The Spanish ceramic company that conquered the world: ROCA CERAMICA. Odd and peculiar series and their toilet seats (part 1)

The Spanish ceramic company that conquered the world: ROCA CERAMICA. Odd and peculiar series and their toilet seats (part 1)

There are few ceramic companies in the bathroom furnishing sector that have a 100-year history and can be called global and have global distribution. Roca Ceramica is among them. From their website www.it.roca.com we discover that: “Roca began its activity as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators for domestic heating in its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. Later, the company expanded its portfolio with the production of boilers. In 1929, Roca entered the bathroom environment by starting the production of bathtubs. Always attentive to the changes in society related to the culture of water, the main natural resource with which Roca works, in 1936 the company took on the challenge of producing bathroom accessories in vitreous ceramic. Subsequently, in 1954, Roca started the production of taps and fittings. In 1992, Roca Sanitario S.A. decided to enter the Italian market, inaugurating in Casarile MI, the subsidiary Roca Srl today Roca Sanitario S.A. with secondary headquarters in Italy.In the ’90s, the Group embarked on an initial phase of international expansion, based mainly on the creation of commercial subsidiaries and the signing of agreements with leading local brands. In addition to Portugal and France, Roca has extended its presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil and China. The offer is now complete: shower tray manufacturer, a wide range of sanitary ware porcelain, acrylic, steel and cast iron bathtubs, shower trays, glass enclosures and shower cubicles, furniture and furnishing accessories. And let’s not forget the Wellness area with bathtubs, shower enclosures and hydromassage products; this is completed with a wide range of floor and wall tiles. Roca therefore does not just offer products, but designs and solutions for the complete furnishing of the bathroom.The turning point in the internationalisation process was in 1999, with the acquisition of Swiss Keramik Holding Laufen, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer at the time. The acquisition of Laufen allowed the Group to strengthen its position in strategic markets where the brand had less of a presence, such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and the United States.In 2005, Roca announced an ambitious strategic plan focused on bathrooms, namely to achieve world leadership in the sector in 2006. Today, Roca’s sales network extends to more than 170 countries, supplied by 78 production facilities, and employs more than 22,000 people worldwide”.

It is surprising how far this Spanish company has come and the size it has achieved. In the course of its century-long manufacturing history, it has produced ceramic series in the strangest and most unusual shapes. Some of these series in some of our travels we will surely have come across, or we may have them in the bathroom because even on the Italian market since the early ‘90s the company opened a branch and distributed its products well. Most of Roca’s ceramic series can be found in the Sintesibagno online store.

DAMA series Roca Ceramica

A historical series of the company: Dama. A production from the ‘90s that won a position in many bathrooms. It was one of the first ceramic series with the special feature in the upper floor of a sloping or lowered floor (depending on how you look at it) which structured and customised its shape. This toilet bowl was presented with two types of toilet covers: one in thermoset, the other, which is the one offered on the Sintesibagno online site, in white polyester cast wood. Precisely this (thanks to the processing that can be achieved with this type of product – see post HERE) with its precise shape and two rear whiskers became one with the ceramic element and embellished it. The Roca Dama toilet seat can be viewed and purchased at the store at the following link [ clik here ]

POLO series Roca Ceramica

One of the company’s many mass-market series: Polo. A teardrop shape taken up and proposed by many ceramic manufacturers, its direct competitor in both form and price range is certainly the Gemma series of Scala ceramics that we saw in the post on the company (LINK). A small sanitary ware, compact and very traditional with an aesthetic detail in the body of the sanitary ware on the sides that makes it recognisable among the thousands of sanitary wares of that formal type, you can see it in the image to the side: on the two sides of the toilet bowl a linear notch (indentation) is clearly visible that runs almost all the way across the side. In the Sintesibagno store you will find for this sanitary ware both the white-coated wooden toilet seat and the thermoset version LIKE THE ORIGINAL that the ceramic company offered. You will find them at the following link [ clik here]

NEXO series Roca Ceramica

Now we see a modern series from the company: Nexo. Designed by a master designer of the calibre of ANTONIO BULLO creative genius of the bathroom world (his best-selling projects: series CLODIA by Dolomite, DOLCEVITA by Hatria, DAYTIME by Hatria…to mention a few). Spanish ceramics also finds an innovative formal path in this home design. The sanitary wares are presented in both floor-standing and wall-hung versions, and it is here that their uniqueness is characterised. The lower part of the sanitary ware is marked by a line that is not parallel but with a very distinctive depth change. The thermoset WC covers with wraparound cover for this Roca series can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here ]

Today we started looking at Roca’s large production and toilet seat covers for its sanitary ware. It could be that you have not found your sanitary ware and therefore do not know which toilet seat cover to order. No problem, just send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary ware and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover: