Catalano and the discontinued series (old models). Where can I find toilet seats?

Catalano and the discontinued series (old models). Where can I find toilet seats?

Today, those in the industry and even the general public are all familiar with the Catalano company as one of the design companies. This is due to the great success of the Zero system, which we have discussed in a post dedicated to this topic “The toilet seat Zero Catalano. How many models are there in this series? Zero 45,50,54,55,62, Light, +”. Ceramica Catalano however, it had already gained an interesting share of the sanitaryware with other series. Some of them we have already met in other posts. We have seen Luce in the post ”Sanitarywares years ‘80 e ‘90. Finding the toilet seat”. We have seen  Muse in the post ”The unique (special) shapes of sanitary wares and their toilet seats: Muse, Fiorile, Memory.”. We have seen  Polo in two posts ”The WCs and toilet seat covers CONCA and its “brothers” and ”What is the weelbase in toilet seats? (part 1)”. We have seen  Fiesta and Igea int he post “Older, discontinued models with rectangular toilet seats. (part 2)”, we have seen Romantica in the post ”Unusual shaped toilet seats with special sizes. You will see a lot!”. All these series of Catalano sanitaryware give you an idea of the great production that the company did before the “ZERO” year. We will see more in this post.

JUNIOR series by Catalano (narrow shapes)

Sanitary ware as Junior has been discussed in the post ”Straits WCs and bidets. Less then 35 cm width. What are the toilet seat covers for these toilets?”. We have talked about the reduced width of the top above 34/35 cm. Interpreting the market demand of the moment, Catalano also proposed this sanitaryware. Although it recalls the narrow oval shape of other sanitary ware, the hand of the company’s designers can be seen. The rounded style typical of other series by the same company is unmistakable. We are still able to give you the toilet seat cover for this sanitaryware, also in champagne colour, you can find it at the following link [ clik here ]

TISSI series by Catalano (strange wheelbases)

This sanitary ware called Tissi by Catalano falls into the category of wc’s with odd spacing for the toilet cover like the ones seen in the post ”What is the weelbase in the toilet seats? (part 1)”. In fact, the holes for fixing the toilet seat are 21 cm from centre to centre. You can find the toilet seat cover for this sanitary ware at the following link [ clik here ]

CANOVA series by Catalano

When talking about this series of sanitary ware, someone went so far as to compare it with and consider it the heir to Cesame‘s legendary antique/retro series Bella Epoque (which you can see at the following link [ open LINK]), called Canova. The two series really seem to be related, if Bella Epoque is more reminiscent of square geometric shapes, Canova, following the Catalano style, brings back round and soft curves. It is a sanitary ware that we can insert in the classic/retro style category, here the post about it ”Sanitary ware Retro, Classic English Style and their toilet seats”. You can find toilet seat covers for this toilet in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

SFERA series by Catalano

It is the first version of Sfera, which we now call old, as new versions have been made. We could already see the direction of the style that the modern and recent series of sanitary ware would take in the years to come up to the present days. It was an incredible sales success. His toilet seat has precise and not very big measurements, you can find it at the following link [ clik here]. Not to be confused with the New Sfera toilet seat, which has a centre distance of 22 cm.

We have seen some of the Catalano ceramics series that are now out of production and can be considered old models. If you have not found your toilet or are not sure which toilet seat to order, ask us to find you a suitable toilet seat. Simply send us an email to  info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose and find the toilet seat you need. Here is the video on how to proceed with the toilet seat search:


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