Ceramica Senesi. Why is it difficult to find toilet seats from this company?

Ceramica Senesi. Why is it difficult to find toilet seats from this company?

Ceramica Senesi was a ceramics company in the Val D’Orcia area which, at full production speed, had grown to 150 employees! The area was famous for its ceramics and specialised in the production of sanitary ware. With some series of sanitary ware it had considerable success on the market. It was taken over a few years ago by Ceramica Dolomite, which in turn became part of the Ideal Standard group. Today nothing is produced with this brand anymore and therefore it is often difficult to find the perfect toilet seats for these sanitaryware. In the Sintesibagno store there are dedicated products perfect for the toilet bowls, even old models of these Tuscan ceramics. We have already seen some important series of Senesi in a few posts. One of the leading series was certainly DUCCIO, which in fact we have seen this in several posts: “Sanitaryware with a raised top. WC seats with 45° fixing hinges (part 1)” e “The CONCA toilet bowl and toilet seats and “its brothers”. We have seen DONATELLO in the post: “Narrow WCs and bidets. Toilet seats are narrow and hard to be found. Let’s discover the older/weider series (part 2). (” We have seen the retro/antique series LUTEZIA in this post: ”And then comes “Montebianco” Sanitariware classic/antique and their toilet seats (part 2)”.

PIENZA series by Ceramica Senesi

It is a series produced from the 1980s onwards and was the typical “specification” series at that time. It was positioned in the market bracket of the legends of the bathroom furnishing world of those years and which we have seen in the post: ”Sanitary weare form the 80s and 90s. Find your toilet seat”, all top sellers: CLODIA by Dolomite, METRO by Flaminia, SINTESI by Cesame, TESI by Ideal Standard e LUCE  by Catalano. Despite strong competition, it managed to carve out its own market share and is still widely used in the bathrooms of many homes in Italy. It was a rectangular shape with very rounded corners, if we had to find a similarity we would say TESI by Ideal Standard. The toilet seats dedicated to this vase are available in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

PALIO series by Ceramica Senesi

A simpler and less formally and imposing series than PIENZA. Often recommended for second bathrooms because it was smaller, it was nevertheless very special in its simplicity. It was called PALIO. A very interesting aesthetic detail, which can be seen when looking at the toilet bowl from above, is the almost triangular shape of the top of the toilet bowl. You can see it very well looking at the toilet covers for this sanitary ware that you can find at the following link [ clik here ]

TUSCIA series by Ceramica Senesi

E’ una serie che ricorda molto la leggendaria LINDA di Ideal Standard che abbiamo visto nel post: ”Toilet seats and sanitaryware by Ideal Standard old models (part 1)”. It was never clear whether one or the other was presented first. The WC seats for this series are also available in the new thermoset version at the following link [ clik here ]

We have seen some SENESI sanitary ware and their toilet seat covers, it could be that you have not found your sanitary ware and therefore do not know which toilet seat cover to order. No problem, just send us an email to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitaryware and a few measurements and we will be able to help you in your choice. Here is the video on how to proceed with your toilet seat search:


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