Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitaryware old models (part 2)

Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitaryware old models (part 2)

We have already started to look at some of Ideal Standard‘s historical series. Obviously we started from Conca and we have studied and examined it in several posts: in this one we have X-rayed it in all its features. ”The toilet seat CONCA. Find out which product is perfect for the Ideal Standard toilet (the final version)”, here we have compared it with similar wc’s that have been inspired by it “The WCs and toilet seat CONCA and its “brothers””, here we evaluated its sloping bumpers “Why are sloping bumpers needed on some toilet seats? (part 2)”, we have talked about sanitary ware colours here “The colours of sanitary ware and toilet seat covers: green, pink, blue, brown…(part 2)”, in this article we talked about it because of the rear elevated floor “Sanitaryware with a raised surface. The toilet seats with 45° fixing hinges (part 1)”. We have also seen other important sanitaryware series from Ideal StandardTesi we looked at it in the post “Sanitary wares years ‘80 e ‘90. Finding the toilet seats.” where we saw it as one of the best-selling vessels of the 80s. In the post ”WC seat and sanitary ware Ideal Standard old models (part 1)” we have seen: DiagonalLiutoLinda. In the post ”Narrow WCs and bidets. Measures less the 35 cm inn width What are the toilet seat covers for these sanitary ware?” on the world of narrow toilets we have seen EllisseOndine e XL, we have seen Small for the category small toilet in the post ”WC seat sizes | small size for small sanitary ware”. We have also made a clarification on Ideal Standard white. Almost all of the sanitary ware of this ceramic house has been produced in two versions of white: Ideal Standard White and Eu White, at this link [ clik here ] we explain the differences.

But the Ideal Standard world does not end here. There are still many successful series!

CALLA series by Ideal Standard

We have also put it on the front cover of this post. It is the classic lux series by Ideal Standard. It is our first choice when creating a classic style bathroom. Essential and imposing at the same time: Calla. You can count on the fingers of one hand the sanitary ware for which a toilet seat cover and its hinge have been designed especially for them. The original Calla toilet seat is unique and inimitable, its hinge with back tube embellishes the very figure of the toilet. Of course it comes at a price! So, to satisfy everyone, we have decided to offer the original toilet seat and the variants, which are still perfect, but decidedly less expensive. All available toilet seat variants (including just the original hinge) are available in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

NEMEA series by Ideal Standard

In this case, the company’s designers wanted to look for new ways in terms of form and came up with: Nemea. The body of the sanitary ware starts out narrow and widens as it rises, but this change in depth is marked not by soft curves but by the shape of the body. ( Muse Catalano type ) but by very pronounced geometric straight lines and hatches. The vertical development makes it, in our opinion, a series of very high design even if it is now out of production. Its original toilet seat is still available in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

CANTICA series by Ideal Standard

With this sanitary we are already in the year 2000. It is definitely a rectangular shaped toilet, its special feature was the elliptical internal design. It was presented in both the floor-standing and wall-hung versions. A note on the toilet seat (we talk about it in the following video), we do not sell in stores the original version in wrap-around plastic, but only our dedicated version (reviewed 5 stars by all customers), because the original is perfect from an aesthetic point of view but not strong enough according to all customers who are looking for a replacement. Here the video about the Cantica toilet seat cover:

VIDEO: All the secrets about toilet seat CANTICA by IDEAL STANDARD

The link to the toilet seat in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here]

WC TONIC by Ideal Standard

Tonic is the classic modern form of sanitary ware. It was proposed in the wall-hung toilet version and in the floor-standing toilet version with a rim. We would like to make a note to the Ideal Standard designers regarding the design of this toilet seat. In the original version the toilet bowl was presented with an oval toilet seat which, in our opinion, did not match at all with the rear shape of the toilet. As the toilet seat is cut straight back with two 90° angles, we think a D-shaped toilet seat would be more appropriate. The perfect one in our opinion can be seen at the following link [ clik here ], When you look at it, you’ll notice how its shape perfectly follows the upper profile of the toilet bowl itself. A version with slow-motion hinges is also available at the following link [ clik here ]

TONDA series by Ideal Standard

With Tonda, Ideal Standard has created a new form of sanitary ware that did not exist before. We started from the oval shape and by moving back two sides we almost arrived at the triangular shape, while maintaining the curves! Amazing! A perfect toilet seat must be fitted to this toilet. You can find it at the following link [ clik here ] both in the White EU version and in the white Ideal Standard version (here we explain the difference between the two Whites)

We have seen other Ideal Standard series. You may not have found or recognised your toilet and don’t know which toilet seat to buy. Just send us an email to  info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose and find the toilet seat you need. Here is the video on how to proceed with the toilet seat search:


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