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Sanitary fixtures with oversized wheelbase and their covers.

We have told you how to measure and what the wheelbase of the WC seats is in the previous article that you can find at the following link [ open LINK ], now we will see other models of WC seats with wheelbase: 23 24 25 27 and even 28,5/29 cm.

Valentine sanitaryware old type Ceramica Flaminia

It’s a Flaminia toilet bowl that should have been on the list of oddly shaped toilets we talked about in this article [ open LINK ], but since it also holds the “record” for the toilet bowl with the widest toilet seat spacing, a good 28.5/29 cm, it was only right to talk about it here. It was called Velentine. Its characteristic and unique rise only in the rear central part of the toilet bowl has led to the creation of a toilet seat with a particular notch made in a C shape and at its ends mount the metal hinges to anchor it to the toilet bowl. You can see it at the following link [ open LINK ].

Starck 3 Duravit toilet bowl

The Duravit Starck 3 line of sanitaryware is one of the latest products to emerge from the magic pencil of designer Philippe Starck. Considered the little sister of the two previous versions (we talked about the 1 in our article on round WC seats [ open LINK ]), it was created for the residential market and, according to the German company, for second bathrooms. The wheelbase of its toilet seat is a good 27 cm! You can find it in its various versions at the following link [ apri LINK ].

Axa One ceramic toilet bowl

One of Axa’s most successful ceramic series is called Axa One.
A sanitary fixture with a modern and refined shape, its toilet seat has a non-standard wheelbase, the size is 24.5/25 cm.
It is available both in the original version, which is much sought after, and the dedicated version at the following link [ open LINK ].

Italo Duo Pozzi Ginori Series

This series by Pozzi Ginori called Italo Duo is often confused with other series by the ceramic company because it has the same rectangular shape, but here the discriminating factor is the centre distance: it is a good 19/20 cm. We could have included it in the article dedicated to the old rectangular sanitary ware no longer in production (you can read it at the following link [ open LINK ]), but we preferred to underline the characteristic of the non-standard wheelbase. It was produced in various colours, all of which you will find in the store, mainly white [ open LINK ], champagne [ open LINK ] and brown [ open LINK ].

We have seen in this article other toilet seats with special wheelbases, it will take several more articles to see them all. If in the meantime you need to find the toilet seat cover for your toilet and you don’t know how to recognise it, let us do the research. Watch the toilet seat recognition procedure explained in the following video:


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