Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitary wares Old Models (1st part)

Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitary wares Old Models (1st part)

Ideal Standard toilet seat Old Models

We are talking about Ideal Standard sanitary wares (old models) that allowed the ceramic company to become a market leader in the 70s, 80s and 90s. They are all series of sanitary wares that have deeply influenced the lines of the bathroom furniture market, so as to be often copied or at least taken as a model for their revolutionary shapes. They are considered old models because production began several years ago.

CONCA series by Ideal Standard

CONCA: the legendary sanitary ware. The most imitated, among the most sold in the history of bathroom furniture and among the most long-lived (it has been produced for dozens of years and is still in the Ideal Standard catalogue). We found ourselves talking about the Conca toilet and its cover in many posts because it has a set of features like few other sanitary ware. We talked about it for its rectangular shape [ clik here ], we have talked about it because of its raised back plate which leads to the toilet seat needing hinges with a 45° fixation [ clik here ], we talked about it in the post about sanitaryware colours, as it is one of the few Ideal Standard series that has been produced in all the colours of the company’s colour card: white, Ideal Standard white, whisper grey, whisper blue, blueberry, whisper green, fern green, cactus green, champagne, vison, kashmir, beaver, walnut, pomegranate, whisper pink and black. Here is the link to the post on understanding and identifying the colour of sanitary ware [ clik here ]. Of course, in the Sintesibagno store you will find all Conca toilet seat covers in all colours, all materials (including thermosetting wraparounds) and in all price ranges… at this link [ clik here ]

TESI series by Ideal Standard

We find it in so many bathrooms in our homes. In the 80s and 90s, there was no important building site that did not have it in its specifications. Its success was certainly due to its very original shape. Its designers started with a rectangular shape and softened it in the corners with full and soft curves. A very comfortable shape to look at and use. You can find all Tesi sanitary ware covers in the store, including the Ideal Standard white colour (explained in this post) and the coloured versions champagne, vison, whisper blue, backdrop blue, whisper grey, at the following link [ clik here ]

Diagonal series by Ideal Standard

Among the old Ideal Standard toilet seat and sanitary ware models, this was the most luxurious series. It was called Diagonal, a series of large and impressive sanitaryware. We have described it well in the post about large sanitaryware. [ clik here ] which we quote in part: “…this toilet seat and its cover are truly unique pieces, both for their shape and for the characteristic single hinge, designed and produced just for it…. is a very large toilet seat, its cover is 50 cm long in total”. The toilet seat, the hinge and also the original Diagonal bumper kit can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik here]

LIUTO series by Ideal Standard

Among the old Ideal Standard models we also find: LIUTO. It was a very special sanitary ware with a unique shape. It started narrow behind and then widened in front towards the user. We also talked about it in the post: ”Old sanitarywear models no lenger in production. Where can I find the toilet seats? (1st part)”, we said that the main production was made between the 80s and 90s and went on until the beginning of 2000. Also in this case, your sanitary ware and its cover will be in white Ideal Standard colour as explained in the post: “White as white can be! So, why is white different in Ideal Standard sanitarywares? ”, if you are looking for a particular colour, we recommend the post: “The colours of sanitarywares and toilet seats: green, pink, light blue, blue, brown…(2nd part )”. The Liuto toilet seats (Ideal Standard old models) can be found in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

LINDA series by Ideal Standard

From the magic pencil of the designer Achille Castiglioni came out this sanitary ware that captured the taste of the sanitary market. Linda is one of the old Ideal Standard sanitary ware models most liked by the bathroom furnishing sector. Its pure geometric shapes: spherical above, rectangular parallelepiped below made it a unique piece. Since we of the Sintesibagno team have always liked it, we have dedicated a video to it:

The top is an elongated oval at the sides. Almost certainly your sanitary ware and its cover will be in Ideal Standard white as explained in the post: “White as white can be! So why is white differnt on Ideal Standard sanitaywares?”. In any case, the normal white (white Eu) is also available in the store at the following link [ clik here ]

ELLISSE series by Ideal Standard

It came onto the market at the turn of the 70s and 80s and remained in the catalogue until the early 2000s. It became very popular in new buildings where bathroom space was limited or in houses where a second bathroom was being built. Given its size, it could easily be placed anywhere. It was produced not only in the classic  Ideal Standard white, practically in all the colours that Ideal Standard proposed in its catalogue: champagne, vison, kashmir, blueberry, deep blue, whisper pink, …. in the Sintesibagno store you can still find toilet seats in the official colours at the following link [ clik here ]. Ellisse: among the old Ideal Standard models, given its limited width (only 34/35 cm) it is perhaps the most recognisable in terms of shape. We have talked about it in posts about narrow sanitaryware [ clik here]

We have seen the main series of sanitary ware and toilet seats old Ideal Standard models, in the next posts we will see others. In the meantime, if you are looking for a toilet seat and you are not sure of the model, before making a hurried purchase, ask us for the model of your toilet. In the following video we show you how to find the old model Ideal Standard toilet seat:

To guide you to purchase the toilet seat suitable for your toilet